Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crux360 iPad Case

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With the Apple iPad becoming a cool device, you might want to even make it cooler. You can do a lot with this popular tablet aside from its built-in features. Why not transform your iPad into a laptop by having this new Crux360 Casing?

The Crux360 Case is being marketed as the world’s first clamshell-keyboard iPad case. Quite a cool case for your iPad in that it features a full Bluetooth keyboard aside from just being a simple protective case for your new Apple tablet device. This special casing is designed to make your iPad to look and feel like a laptop. It can also be used as a tablet stand when in movie mode to better watch videos on your iPad. In tablet mode, the casing folds the other way while in carry mode, your tablet closes similar to a laptop for added protection when not in use. The Crux360 is available at the Crux website and costs around US$149.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Apple TV junkies left out of new iTunes Extra

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We're always talking about the remaining barriers to digital distribution and one of those walls started to crumble yesterday -- well almost. Until this week, when you bought a movie from iTunes you didn't get any extra features like you do when you buy the Blu-ray version, but the new iTunes Extra feature addresses just this problem. The devil is of course in the details and this time the big rip is that these Extras are only available in iTunes and not on the Apple TV. So once again the Apple TV gets forgotten, it's bad enough that the hardware hasn't been revised in over two years, but it is just wrong when computer users get new movie centric features like extras and the Apple TV faithful get nada.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Apple kicks out MobileMe iDisk app for iPhone

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It still can't multitask, but as of today, it's finally capable of accessing and sharing iDisk files. Apple has at long last let loose a long-awaited application for iPhone OS 3.0 that enables iPhone and iPod touch users with MobileMe accounts to access the inner sanctums of their own iDisk. The app lets you login, view files (up to 20MB or so, sayeth Apple) and share files by sending others a link via email to whatever you deem appropriate. There's also an option to password protect those files and limit the amount of days the download is active, though viewing files is limited to iPhone-supported file types such as iWork, Office, QuickTime, PDF, etc. If you're a paying MobileMe user, go on and give this one a download -- it's free, you know?